Purchase is for Lovers!

April 29, 2009

Purchase College is widely known for its homosexual campus population, which is why students were outraged on Monday when a couple of Christian protesters were on our campus protesting homosexuality.  Many students questioned why they would come to Purchase College the most “gay-friendly” school.  The question still remains retorical but the protest was intense, something I know I will remember years from now and something I can say I was proud to be at.  Although I myself am not homosexual 90% of my friends are, the big joke is I am a fag-hag, I give off a scent that attracts gay men so to see these people (one man, one woman, and one Purchase student) saying that the love my friends have for each other was wrong and unacceptable by God hurt.  I was amazed to see some of my close friends stand up for who they are and what they believe, Lindsey Baker who was front row and center holding up the rainbow flag was yelling back at the folks stating that she is Christian and she is gay.  Many other people spoke by using the megaphone, which was passed on to the female protester and she wiped it down with a wet one before speaking on it, real smart because you can get cooties and shit from putting your mouth on the same megaphone as a gay person.  The protest was on the Great Lawn and remained there for hours even after I left.  And a Purchase student had even joined the dark side and got up with the protesters, and as I walked over I heard kids saying that he was going to need to transfer the next day.  The Purchase Brick posted a video interview with the gentleman on their site which answers a little bit more information:


April 22, 2009

“Everyone loves short tragic lives”
-SUNY Purchase Professor

Recently my art history professor had spit out this quote when teaching a lesson in regards to a feminist artist who was recognized because of her own short tragic life. 
In regards to the media (and gossip) enriched society we have all been born and raised in, this quote got me thinking.  How often do you hear about people dying?  A lot.  But how often are you fascinated by their death? Not to get on a morbid path but people love action.  People love tragedy.  And people love a good story to pass along.  
Then this quote also got me thinking in another sense.  The artists work (sad, I know, I can’t recall her name) is moreso recognized by the artists death rather than for what it actually is, art.  Because the person behind the art died in a tragic way at such a young age it draws viewers attention.  So in this sense I got to a more profound ground and realized this — what draws viewers to a work of art A. the art itself or B. the trivia facts behind the art?  







And the best part is he LOVES AUSTRALIA

My Date With Drew

April 13, 2009

I came across this documentary that I had been meaning to watch for a while now called “My Date with Drew”
As a semi-Drew Barrymore fan I figured hey why not watch it, there’s nothing else on tv besides Hannah Montana.
Within the first 15 minutes I was drawn…
The documentary is about this filmmaker who wins $1100 on a game show and uses the winning money to produce this documentary all based around his long time crush on actress Drew Barrymore.
The entire movie is based on how he uses the six degrees of separation in order to get his date with Drew Barrymore…
Some of the connections succeed and some blow up in his face.
As I was watching I was beginning to wonder if this could be a marketing scheme.
A way for this filmmaker, who had almost no money to his name, to market himself.
Not only does he use the six degrees but he goes as far as making a website and promoting his project or as he calls it “quest” on radio stations and what not.  He also took a viral route by making a 30 second trailer of what his goal was and sent it to Flower Films, as well as the website that was created that people could go onto and help him in his six degrees.
The whole premise of the movie kind of gave me an idea towards my senior project…even though I still have an entire year to start developing it… but it made me think what if I use the six degrees of separation as part of my project, use the six degrees as a marketing scheme just like this filmmaker.
I have tried to get in touch with the guy but its close to impossible to find contact info on him, especially since I’m not a member of IMDBPro…SAD!
My idea is basically what if I can use the six degrees of separation myself to see how many celebrities I can get in touch with to the point where the only connection between us and me and that celebrity, and how many connections I can make along the way, whether it be with directors, screenwriters, personal assistants and managers.


Commercial Wars

April 9, 2009

Who needs the Superbowl to enjoy commercials.

Favorite commercial at the moment:

It could also be because I have a huge crush on Nick Simmons, his son.


However, I can’t stand these stupid commercials:

Which could also be because I hate AT&T.


What’s your favorite commercials being aired?

If there’s something I hate more than snow in the months of November-March it is DEFNITELY snow in the month of April!
What is up with the weather lately??  I was planning on wearing shorts and flips flops for next weeks Cultureshock but for all I know we could have a snowstorm!
Anyways just an update:
Friday was Zombie Prom, my favorite day of the year besides Christmas.
We all made it to the Stood without passing out beforehand which was a success in itself!
Everyone looked so..dead.

On the other hand the official Cultureshock lineup has been posted and although it could be 100 times better I think all in all everyone will have a good time, so long as the sun is out that day.
I can’t wait to see Jimmy from Degrassi, except it will probably be weird that he is not going to be in a wheelchair.
And rumors that we are going to have a Gravitron kind of makes me happy inside since I haven’t been on one since I was like 12 years old.
My take on the Mixtape that they created though?
They HAD to do it since most of the campus hasn’t heard any of the music so we can listen to one song by each artist and pretend we like them.
Too bad I didn’t go to Ramapo, Brand New just played there on Friday.

In other news I will be campaigning for PSGA Coordinator of Finance for next year.
So if you happen to see me around campus guaranteed I will need your signature for my petition so come say hi to me and get at me with you John Hancock!

My Name is JACK – Please ADOPT ME! from adriene hughes on Vimeo

If my dogs were this well behaved I would die!
I would adopt this dog in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have three at home, he could teach them a thing or two about mooching!

Dear Purchase College…

April 3, 2009

We do NOT need an unncessary “FENCE” outside our grounds.
Take that money and get us new laundry rooms so I can have clean clothes.
Or take the money and repaint the paint that is chipping in the dorm buildings.

My advice to Purchase College:
Before you can expand our campus you need to fix what’s broken.

Crossing my fingers that they do not put up this so-called fence.
And apologizing for a negative blog but seriously we don’t need a fence!


March 30, 2009

Since the weather is getting nice I highly recommend everyone check out the Pepsico Sculpture garden!
Especially since it’s free =]




Zombie Prom is on Friday!!!

Zombie Prom?

March 26, 2009

These are pictures from Zombie Prom 2008.
They’re all pre-prom pictures, if we had a limo we would have posed in front of it.
Or maybe the Purchase Loop instead, too bad it never runs.