March 30, 2009

Since the weather is getting nice I highly recommend everyone check out the Pepsico Sculpture garden!
Especially since it’s free =]




Zombie Prom is on Friday!!!


Zombie Prom?

March 26, 2009

These are pictures from Zombie Prom 2008.
They’re all pre-prom pictures, if we had a limo we would have posed in front of it.
Or maybe the Purchase Loop instead, too bad it never runs.


Springtime at SUNY

March 26, 2009

Back to Purchase we are.
Been up to a lot of nothing, haven’t even cracked a book since I have been back on campus.
Just been enjoying this nice weather, even though it’s pathetic to call this weather nice.
I can’t believe we are a week away from my favorite day of the year…besides Christmas.
Although I don’t remember much of that night from last year I have to say I love getting all dressed up and what not with all my friends.
Last year we hit up the Savlation Army in Port Chester but I think we are all going to be sporting some old pajamas this year considering how broke we are from the economic crisis!


Anyways on the other hand I have my video completed for Karla’s Photography.
She is cool so I reccommend you check it out!


A Spring Break Update!

March 19, 2009

There is no better way to blog then from your comfortable queen size bed at home with the windows open letting the fresh spring air seep in and the cutest puppy at your feet after a great night of hanging out with your college friends.
Spring Break thus far?  Not so eventful, a bit comical, but I wish I were somewhere with a beach that isn’t Jones, Robert Moses or Tobay.

A midweek wrap up?
Saturday…actually went out to dinner with my entire family, all sixteen of us.
We all ordered way too much food and headed back to my aunts house for coffee and watched some home movies.
Sunday…we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early since we all get together on Sunday nights anyways, except this week the pasta dinner at grandmas was replaced by cornbeef or as I like to call it human meat.
Corned beef? Cornbeef? However it is spelled is definitely what they do with people who get the death penalty.  
Who cares? Got five dollars to eat half a slice of it!
Then I went to pick up my best friend from the train station, and fell in love with the music from the show he is in called Bare: a pop opera.
Monday…I took the LIRR into the city with my friend Kate to go to the MOMA to do research for an Art History paper.
Tuesday…St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated with my two best friends Justin and Kate after ordering Chinese food with a green wormy bug in it.
And that leads us to today…Wednesday…I just returned from my friend Natalie’s house.
A few of us from school met up at Roosevelt Field for dinner at the Grand Lux, relaxed on the couches in the mall and headed to Glen Head to smoke some hookah and watch Drop Dead Fred.
Can’t wait to head back to school!

Over & Out! Goodnight all…

So the other day I was browsing some links on a site that I just discovered called urlesque.com.
The article was about this new trend called “Photochaining.”
Basically what you do is take some pictures on a cheap memory card.
Give the memory card a one word name, something like: Chad.
Then you put the memory card in a ziplock bag, make sure its clear, with a note explaining what to do next.
The note brings the person who found your card to a website called photochaining.com
From here you post a picture from the memory card along with where you found the memory card, where in the world where you and what the date was along with the memory cards name.
The site also allows you to track your memory card as well as search for memory cards.

Then I realized I could totally use this website as a part of my marketing project.
Since I am marketing my friend Karla’s photography I’m gonna have her take a few pictures on the memory card and see where it winds up!

Anyways, over & out off to watch Smiley Face & pass out. 

Reasons why I love coming home in no particular order: 

-My 3 dogs, nobody else pees on the floor whenever I come home
-iO digital cable, I hate that campus cable doesn’t provide us with the Disney Channel
-Dairy Barn: for those of you who have never heard of it, it is a drive thru mini mart
-My moms cooking, you can’t argue good Italian food is good Italian food and nothing compared to the turkey sandwiches from the Hub.
-The big screen tvs
-Seeing my best friends and their entire families
-Downloading movies and music without the hassle of getting kicked off of the campus internet
-Not having to pay for parking at Target, Walmart or one of the five malls
-The fact that when I return to school in a week the weather will be nicer and we won’t be cooped up in our rooms 24 hours a day. 


March 10, 2009

Ever play that game when you watch a show or a movie and you look for the little quirks in the character that you can relate to? Whether it be the way they talk or how they handle situations or even as vein as how they appear?
I think deep down even if we deny it, we all do it.
What’s the point of watching a movie or television show where you cannot connect with the characters?
This is one of my favorite games to play, relating my friends to the characters and seeing how they react.
Funny thing is ever realize you are the character in the program that you can stand the least?
You might want to think you are similar to one character, however, in the end they could have written your life story about the character who is your least favorite.
Maybe it’s saying something about yourself.

One Tree Hill returns next week!!!!!

March 9, 2009

Whatever happend to Springer Break on MTV? 
I miss the 1990’s!

I wish I were going there Friday instead of back to Long Island.

Chelsea Handler.

March 6, 2009

“According to an article on CNN.com, a new study says people who are bad kissers don’t get laid. Where are you supposed to learn how to kiss? If you go to Catholic school, it’s from your priest; in public school, you learn from your teacher; and some guys learn from their sisters…if their sister is Angelina Jolie.”

Why is Chelsea Handler such a comedic genius!!!



March 5, 2009

In an attempt to move Salvator to my room for the weekend:

“They won’t say anything will they?” -K
“Nah, they’ll think it’s a thirty rack before they think it’s a hamster” -D

Why I love this college sometimes. ^^^^

Finally found some really awesome apartment-mates for the fall.