My Date With Drew

April 13, 2009

I came across this documentary that I had been meaning to watch for a while now called “My Date with Drew”
As a semi-Drew Barrymore fan I figured hey why not watch it, there’s nothing else on tv besides Hannah Montana.
Within the first 15 minutes I was drawn…
The documentary is about this filmmaker who wins $1100 on a game show and uses the winning money to produce this documentary all based around his long time crush on actress Drew Barrymore.
The entire movie is based on how he uses the six degrees of separation in order to get his date with Drew Barrymore…
Some of the connections succeed and some blow up in his face.
As I was watching I was beginning to wonder if this could be a marketing scheme.
A way for this filmmaker, who had almost no money to his name, to market himself.
Not only does he use the six degrees but he goes as far as making a website and promoting his project or as he calls it “quest” on radio stations and what not.  He also took a viral route by making a 30 second trailer of what his goal was and sent it to Flower Films, as well as the website that was created that people could go onto and help him in his six degrees.
The whole premise of the movie kind of gave me an idea towards my senior project…even though I still have an entire year to start developing it… but it made me think what if I use the six degrees of separation as part of my project, use the six degrees as a marketing scheme just like this filmmaker.
I have tried to get in touch with the guy but its close to impossible to find contact info on him, especially since I’m not a member of IMDBPro…SAD!
My idea is basically what if I can use the six degrees of separation myself to see how many celebrities I can get in touch with to the point where the only connection between us and me and that celebrity, and how many connections I can make along the way, whether it be with directors, screenwriters, personal assistants and managers.



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