Purchase is for Lovers!

April 29, 2009

Purchase College is widely known for its homosexual campus population, which is why students were outraged on Monday when a couple of Christian protesters were on our campus protesting homosexuality.  Many students questioned why they would come to Purchase College the most “gay-friendly” school.  The question still remains retorical but the protest was intense, something I know I will remember years from now and something I can say I was proud to be at.  Although I myself am not homosexual 90% of my friends are, the big joke is I am a fag-hag, I give off a scent that attracts gay men so to see these people (one man, one woman, and one Purchase student) saying that the love my friends have for each other was wrong and unacceptable by God hurt.  I was amazed to see some of my close friends stand up for who they are and what they believe, Lindsey Baker who was front row and center holding up the rainbow flag was yelling back at the folks stating that she is Christian and she is gay.  Many other people spoke by using the megaphone, which was passed on to the female protester and she wiped it down with a wet one before speaking on it, real smart because you can get cooties and shit from putting your mouth on the same megaphone as a gay person.  The protest was on the Great Lawn and remained there for hours even after I left.  And a Purchase student had even joined the dark side and got up with the protesters, and as I walked over I heard kids saying that he was going to need to transfer the next day.  The Purchase Brick posted a video interview with the gentleman on their site which answers a little bit more information:


A Spring Break Update!

March 19, 2009

There is no better way to blog then from your comfortable queen size bed at home with the windows open letting the fresh spring air seep in and the cutest puppy at your feet after a great night of hanging out with your college friends.
Spring Break thus far?  Not so eventful, a bit comical, but I wish I were somewhere with a beach that isn’t Jones, Robert Moses or Tobay.

A midweek wrap up?
Saturday…actually went out to dinner with my entire family, all sixteen of us.
We all ordered way too much food and headed back to my aunts house for coffee and watched some home movies.
Sunday…we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early since we all get together on Sunday nights anyways, except this week the pasta dinner at grandmas was replaced by cornbeef or as I like to call it human meat.
Corned beef? Cornbeef? However it is spelled is definitely what they do with people who get the death penalty.  
Who cares? Got five dollars to eat half a slice of it!
Then I went to pick up my best friend from the train station, and fell in love with the music from the show he is in called Bare: a pop opera.
Monday…I took the LIRR into the city with my friend Kate to go to the MOMA to do research for an Art History paper.
Tuesday…St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated with my two best friends Justin and Kate after ordering Chinese food with a green wormy bug in it.
And that leads us to today…Wednesday…I just returned from my friend Natalie’s house.
A few of us from school met up at Roosevelt Field for dinner at the Grand Lux, relaxed on the couches in the mall and headed to Glen Head to smoke some hookah and watch Drop Dead Fred.
Can’t wait to head back to school!

Over & Out! Goodnight all…


March 5, 2009

In an attempt to move Salvator to my room for the weekend:

“They won’t say anything will they?” -K
“Nah, they’ll think it’s a thirty rack before they think it’s a hamster” -D

Why I love this college sometimes. ^^^^

Finally found some really awesome apartment-mates for the fall.