If there’s something I hate more than snow in the months of November-March it is DEFNITELY snow in the month of April!
What is up with the weather lately??  I was planning on wearing shorts and flips flops for next weeks Cultureshock but for all I know we could have a snowstorm!
Anyways just an update:
Friday was Zombie Prom, my favorite day of the year besides Christmas.
We all made it to the Stood without passing out beforehand which was a success in itself!
Everyone looked so..dead.

On the other hand the official Cultureshock lineup has been posted and although it could be 100 times better I think all in all everyone will have a good time, so long as the sun is out that day.
I can’t wait to see Jimmy from Degrassi, except it will probably be weird that he is not going to be in a wheelchair.
And rumors that we are going to have a Gravitron kind of makes me happy inside since I haven’t been on one since I was like 12 years old.
My take on the Mixtape that they created though?
They HAD to do it since most of the campus hasn’t heard any of the music so we can listen to one song by each artist and pretend we like them.
Too bad I didn’t go to Ramapo, Brand New just played there on Friday.

In other news I will be campaigning for PSGA Coordinator of Finance for next year.
So if you happen to see me around campus guaranteed I will need your signature for my petition so come say hi to me and get at me with you John Hancock!