Reasons why I love coming home in no particular order: 

-My 3 dogs, nobody else pees on the floor whenever I come home
-iO digital cable, I hate that campus cable doesn’t provide us with the Disney Channel
-Dairy Barn: for those of you who have never heard of it, it is a drive thru mini mart
-My moms cooking, you can’t argue good Italian food is good Italian food and nothing compared to the turkey sandwiches from the Hub.
-The big screen tvs
-Seeing my best friends and their entire families
-Downloading movies and music without the hassle of getting kicked off of the campus internet
-Not having to pay for parking at Target, Walmart or one of the five malls
-The fact that when I return to school in a week the weather will be nicer and we won’t be cooped up in our rooms 24 hours a day.