So the other day I was browsing some links on a site that I just discovered called
The article was about this new trend called “Photochaining.”
Basically what you do is take some pictures on a cheap memory card.
Give the memory card a one word name, something like: Chad.
Then you put the memory card in a ziplock bag, make sure its clear, with a note explaining what to do next.
The note brings the person who found your card to a website called
From here you post a picture from the memory card along with where you found the memory card, where in the world where you and what the date was along with the memory cards name.
The site also allows you to track your memory card as well as search for memory cards.

Then I realized I could totally use this website as a part of my marketing project.
Since I am marketing my friend Karla’s photography I’m gonna have her take a few pictures on the memory card and see where it winds up!

Anyways, over & out off to watch Smiley Face & pass out. 


Post Secret

February 3, 2009